Strip steel

Strip steel

– Cutting to individual length up to 6,000 mm possible.


Steel strip is used in a wide variety of industries.

It is mainly used to punch out mass products in rapid succession by machine.

We find it as a household article, e.g. as a knife in stainless steel, in the water and electricity industry (production of precision steel pipes, clamps for fastening), as well as for valve control in combustion engines. It is usually supplied as strip, but cuts are also possible.

We are now able to supply blanks from 0.15 mm thickness up to 6,000 mm length.

Our input materials are:

Hot-rolled wide strip, pickled and unpickled from different types of steel, from DD11 to the fine-grained steels S700 MC.

Cold-rolled strip, from soft steel suitable for enamelling to steel with high yield strength

Strip, hot-dip refined in different coatings sendzimier galvanized (Z), zinc-iron (ZF),

zinc-aluminum (ZA), aluminum-zinc (AZ), electrolytically galvanized (ZE)

Quality strip steel according to DIN EN 10132/10087

  •  Tolerances: DIN EN 10131 and tighter in edge designs (GK / SK / RK).