Promotion of the JAA Wetter

INTERSTAHL is sponsoring a project of Inner Wheel District 90 in 2013/14 to support the Youth Detention Centre (JAA) in Wetter. The JAA in Wetter is the only detention centre for girls in North Rhine-Westphalia and thus covers a very large catchment area. The project aims to improve the care of the young girls. At the JAA in Wetter, girls are detained for a short-term detention for up to four weeks. The design of the custodial sentence is increasingly developing into a support facility with socio-educational content designed to prevent it from re-offending. The Inner Wheel District aims to further develop this support with its project. For example, financial support is being organised for purchases and courses. Some courses are also run by the Inner Wheel ladies themselves. A further important pillar of the project is the aftercare of the girls by Inner Wheel Club volunteers. INTERSTAHL is involved in this area with a contribution to the seminar on “Transition Management”. The seminar will deal with the aftercare, how to deal with the girls and young women, and instruction on how to proceed. Transition Management was introduced by the State of NRW.