Tool Steel

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Tool steel is mostly used in tool making for forming technology. Exemplary products made of tool steel are rolls, punches and dies. A distinction is made between tool steel for cold forming, up to approx. 200 °C, which is also called cold work steel, and for hot forming (hot work steel). Different alloys are produced depending on the requirements. Depending on the alloying element, for example, hardenability and corrosion resistance can be influenced. Available grades are among others:

* C 45 W (cold work steel, unalloyed)
* 21 MnCr 5 (cold work steel, low alloyed)
* X32 CrMoV 3 3 (hot work steel, high-alloy)

As a steel service provider, it is our goal to keep the complexity in purchasing as low as possibl for you. Therefore we offer tool steel on request also as CNC processed products. On our milling machines we have a working area of up to 4000 x 1600 x 1600 mm, which allows us to process even large workpieces. Of course we are also pleased to offer you slabs, heavy plates or cast semi-finished products made of tool steel.

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