Plated Materials

Active and Passive Aspects Efficiently Used for Special Requirements – Bimetal/Trimetal

In metalworking, plating is the term used to describe the one- or two-sided application of one or more metal layers to another base metal. Depending on the requirements, the materials are combined to achieve specific functionalities.

Everybody knows the thermo-bimetals, a special form of clad materials. They have an active and a passive side. They are used particularly frequently in temperature-controlled applications.

Cladding is often the solution when a single material cannot meet the requirements. The positive properties of several materials can be combined here.

Other possible advantages are cost savings through:

– combination e.g. mild steel (as base metal) – stainless steel (as plating)

– less weight due to appropriate material combinations

There are different methods of plating. First, the materials of coils run parallel into the rolling mill where they are joined together by high rolling pressure. Another possibility, especially for thicker sheets, is explosive cladding. Here, explosives are used to join the two materials.

We also have delivery possibilities for clad plates and strips. Bimetal and trimetal in various combinations are possible.

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