Non-ferrous Metals / Special Constructions

Customized Production
in Special Fields of Application

Metals for special applications: e.g. titanium, aluminum, copper, zinc, tin

There are many fields in which requirements are made that cannot be met by steel and other ferrous metals. Therefore the non-ferrous metals are of great importance. This is where titanium and aluminum are unbeaten in lightweight construction. Both metals are used particularly frequently in the automotive industry and in aircraft construction. Copper is particularly valued for its high conductivity. It is also used in various alloys such as brass (copper-zinc alloy) and bronze (copper-tin alloy).

Non-ferrous metals are often classified according to their density. The group of light metals includes aluminum and titanium, while copper, zinc, tin and nickel fall into the group of heavy metals. In addition to these important metals, there are a number of other non-ferrous metals that are important for certain applications. These include cobalt or lead, for example.

We can supply non-ferrous metals (NF metals) as strip or thin sheet. Depending on the material or alloy heavy plates and flame-cut parts are also available. As a steel service, we can also offer you finished parts which we produce according to your specifications (milled parts, turned parts or blanks) in cooperation with our upstream suppliers, . With us you have only one contact person and can concentrate on your core business, while we take care of the coordination of production and logistics for you.

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