Cast Iron

From Casting to Processing
For Special Shapes and Applications

Cast irons are iron alloys for special shapes and applications

Cast iron is a group of iron alloys with a high content of carbon (> 2%) and silicon (> 1.5%) as well as other components such as manganese, chromium or nickel. A distinction is made between grey cast iron in which carbon occurs in the form of graphite, and white cast iron, in which carbon occurs in the form of cementite. Cast iron has a specific density of 7.2, which is significantly lower than the density of steel and pure iron, which is 7.85.

Unlike steel, cast iron cannot be deformed and forged due to its high carbon content. It is also not magnetic, as the atoms of the material must be aligned in the same direction, as is often the case with rolled steel. Cast iron does not form a polarized mass that can align itself.

Due to our CNC machining capabilities, mill-turn-drill, we can offer you cast iron parts ready-machined.

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