Photovoltaics – Another step into the future: 242 kWp and 65kW storage capacity

Sustainability has a high priority in the INTERSTAHL Group. It is therefore a matter of concern for us to continuously minimize our CO2 emissions.

By the end of June 2022, a photovoltaic system with a peak output of 242 kWp, including a 65kW industrial storage system, has now been installed on 3000 m² of hall roof at INTERSTAHL SÜD GmbH in Donzdorf. The solar modules supply sufficient green electricity to achieve a degree of self-sufficiency of 72%.
Another goal we are achieving with the installation of our photovoltaic system is to ensure competitiveness in the context of sharply rising electricity costs. In addition, charging of the company’s e-driven cars with our own electricity will be possible in the future.