Complex workpieces often require drilled holes with a high ratio of depth to diameter. Producing such holes requires very high precision manufacturing process since small angular deviations can lead to large deviations from the drilling path and non-compliance with tolerance limits.

Deep holes can be drilled on standard CNC milling machines or lathes; however, there are also specialized deep hole drilling machines. Drilling deep holes on standard machines requires special precautions to guarantee a straight drilling path. A centre bore precedes a pilot hole that is drilled with a slightly larger diameter than the final hole and should have a depth of approximately 3xD (diameter). Afterwards a deep hole drill is used to drill the final hole. A special deep drilling machine does not require these additional steps because the drill is supported by a steady rest and centred by a drill bush.

We at INTERSTAHL have recently extended our product spectrum to include deep hole drilling. We are looking forward to your quotation requests.

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