Home office – experience and evaluation of an employee

Without Corona, working in a home office would never have been an option in our company.
Even though working at home requires a certain amount of self-discipline and cuts off personal contact with colleagues, in my view it offers more advantages than disadvantages – for both sides.
If you don’t fundamentally change your previous daily routine and get up in the morning as usual and go to your “office”, there is no problem with self-discipline either.
Regular meetings at the workplace are important for the exchange with colleagues.
For the employee, the elimination of commuting results in more free time. It is true that there is a tendency to take phone calls outside working hours and to read a few e-mails in the evening. However, this is up to everyone and is not a must.
The employer does not have to accept any delays or unpunctuality caused, for example, by traffic jams or icy roads in winter.
Likewise, home office does not allow accidents to occur on the way to work.
A decisive advantage, especially nowadays, is the saving of gasoline costs. The consideration can even go there, possibly to abolish a vehicle.
The home office benefits not only the nerves of those who spend hours in traffic jams every day, but above all the environment!
Less traffic, less CO2 emissions, satisfied employees – if that’s not an argument!